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Juice Lubes. Chain Juice - Wet- Kettenschmiermittel. 130ml
Juice Lubes. Chain Lubes. Wet

Juice Lubes. Chain Juice - Wet - 130ml

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Juice Lubes. Chain Juice - Wet- Kettenschmiermittel. 130ml

Tough like a farmer’s wellies and built to keep rust and shady shifting at bay. A British winter resistant lube for truly diabolical conditions.

The Rules. state that “If you are out riding in bad weather, it means you are a badass”. This is a lube for bad asses. For riders that only see opportunity in a foul forecast. The foolhardy few that press on into the storm, craving windswept peaks and deep, dank woodlands.

Chain Juice Wet is tough as old boots and built to keep your shifting smooth under the heaviest of loads. It stays put through the grimiest of gloop and keeps your gears crisp, smooth, silent and rust free. It’s waterproof, it’s anti-rust and it won’t fling off when you’re hurtling at top speed down your favourite hillside. A bad ass lube for bad ass riders.


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Life is too short to live without the Juice Lubes. Chain Juice - Wet - 130ml. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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