Alright. My name is Nick Chapple and I'm the owner of Chain Gang Distribution.
Or as my Swabian mate Robert likes to call it Gang Bang Distribution.


Nick Chapple, MTB rider. Born 1970. Yes you youngsters i'm older than your dad.                         


Here's my infographic timeline. 

Tells the story of how chain gang distribution came to be. Displayed for the quickest amount of information in the shortest amount of time. Now you can go and ride with the peace of mind knowing you found Juice Lubes in Germany. 


If you're still here and want to read on then have a go. It's not a novel to bore you to sleep like a mates mountain biking travel story.


What do you do? I distribute Juice Lubes in Germany.

When did you first hear about Juice Lubes? Pretty early on. I think it must have been when JL did a press release in 2012. I got to test it whilst riding with the local crew out visiting Dirt Magazine HQ in Monmouth, Wales. I remember it well because It was the year my mate made a Downhill Track through his house.

So why Juice lubes today? It's not like i haven't used other brands. I have tried most. I like Juice Lubes no nonsense approach for MTB, Road, BMX and the daily grind. They offer a complete range of high quality bike care products that work. 

What's your mission statement, your purpose? What do you mean the mission. The dream? The Goal? Finally being able to give up my day job I suppose. Supporting a lifestyle mountain biking. So yeah making a living from Chain Gang would be mint. To keep meeting new riders, exploring new places and to keep dreaming about trails. I was always told I was a daydreamer in school. Now I realize that's a positive thing. 

What makes you stand out from the rest? My Architecture. HQ chain gang is run out of our timber framed nearly zero energy house we designed and built. The environment and what we take from it is important to me. The planet needs guardians. We all need to do our bit. I think mountain bikers are a fairly green bunch in general. That's not standing out from the rest but definitely the masses. 

Was that a reason for distributing JL in Germany. That Juice Lubes looks out for the planet? Well there has to be a story in the product for me. JL are not changing the world overnight, but they are moving in the right direction. From bottle recycling, Bottle reuse schemes and concentrated bike washes too minimise plastic usage and ecological products. It's a good place to start for me.

How do you let visitors know what you believe in? And how do you give them a reason to do business with you? Honesty. Mountain bikers are social outdoor characters. Almost socially awkward at times haha. If it takes time to build up trust to ride with them you can imagine how hard it is trying to sell a product that would make their lives better from a computer screen. The first couple of years i will do what us mountain bikers do best. Go riding, meet locals and get the product out in the field. Let the product do the talking so we can get on with the riding. That's the basics of Chain Gang. 

Will chain gang grow to supply more bike products? It will but in its own time. I only want to promote products that we rigorously test and use regularly ourselves on a daily basis. Products that stand out in a crowd. A bit individual. Some people like products everyone else uses, we like the underdog, the rebels, the troublemakers. As Steve Jobs said. The round pegs in square holes. 

So would you say the Mechanics, Shop owners and Riders are your most important clients? Absolutely. They're the true roots of the lifestyle. Magazine get paid to tell you how good a product is. If the mechanics and riders are onboard then that's a good place for me.  

Anything else to say? I think we need to mention working for better trail access in Germany and a better respect between mountain bikers and walkers. Walker need to be educated we are not the enemy. Theres a lot of anger out there. Be polite. Say hello. The outdoors is for all to play in. 

Is that it? Why? You trying to get rid of me. If you got an Event or you want a Juice Lubes product demo day at your Bike Park or just want me to visit your shop for a free test period of the complete range then drop me a message. I'm easily approachable, open and up for new ventures. 

Thanks, I'm going now. Good i can go for a ride.....